Past Scripts

December (Click Here)

#384-I 12/2/96 thru 12/8/96

"Dramatic December Sky Drama : Our Moon and the Two Brightest Planets"

#385-I 12/9/96 thru 12/15/96

"This Week's Impact With An Ancient Asteroid and How To Watch It."

#386-I 12/16/96 thru 12/22/96

"The Earliest Winter in 99 Years and
May Your Christmas Eve Be Bright, Very Bright!"

#387-I 12/23/96 thru 12/29/96

"A Full Moon For Christmas...
And The Cross and The Manger : A Cosmic Christmas Tale Retold "

#388-I 12/30/96 thru 1/5/97

"The New Year's Eve Star : A Story Retold "

November (Click Here)

#380-I 11/4/96 thru 11/10/96

"Three Outer Planets, Two Comets and One Moon"

#381-I 11/11/96 thru 11/17/96

"This Weekend's Leonid Meteor Shower : A Roaring Lion Or A Pussy Cat"

#382-I 11/18/96 thru 11/24/96

"A Skyful Of Birds For Thanksgiving"

#373-I 11/25/96 thru 12/1/96

"The Surest Sign of Winter and
Why the Shortest Day if the Year
Doesn't Feel Like The Shortest Day of the Year"

October (Click Here)

#376-I 10/796 thru 10/13/96

"A Tail of Two Comets : One Of Which Is At Its Brightest This Week!"

#377-I 10/14/96 thru 10/20/96

"A Kitchen Cosmos : Recipe For A Universe"

#378-I 10/21/96 thru 10/27/96

"A Bull's Eye Moon & The Swiftness Of Our Nearest Neighbor"

#379-I 10/28/96 thru 11/3/96

"The Pleiades Hour & The End of the World"

September (Click Here)

#371-I 9/2/96 thru 9/8/96

"A Hale-Bopp Update! And A Great Celestial Line-Up Reminder"

#372-I 9/9/96 thru 9/15/96

"Eclipse of the Harvest/SaturnMoon and How To Watch It"

#373-I 9/16/96 thru 9/22/96

"Eclipse of the Harvest/Saturn Moon and
How To Win A Telescope Just By Watching, Part II"

#374-I 9/23/96 thru 9/29/96

"Saturn At Opposition/ An Eclipse Reminder and
The Loneliest Star In Heaven"

#375-I 9/30/96 thru 10/6/96

"A Star Hustler Classic : Season Without Giants or
Time Of The Quiet Sky"

August (Click Here)

#367-I 8/5/96 thru 8/11/96

"A Great Moon/Venus Duet and
A Great Opportunity For This Year's
August 11th & 12th Perseid Meteor Shower!"

#368-I 8/12/96 thru 8/18/96

"Planets Beyond Our Solar System and
Encounter With Tiber"

#369-I 8/19/96 thru 8/25/96

"Vega : Arc Light of Summer Nights and The Apex of the Sun's Way"

#370-I 8/26/96 thru 9/1/96

"A Lovely Conjunction and
A Great Cosmic Line-Up Next To The Winter Triangle"

July (Click Here)

#362-I 7/1/96 thru 7/796

"What Jupiter Would Look Like If It Were our Moon's Distance Away"

#363-I 7/8/96 thru 7/14/96

"A Venus at Greatest Brilliancy/Old Moon Spectacular!
And A Red Mars/Red Star Triangle"

#364-I 7/15/96 thru 7/21/96

"The Biggest Planet, The Biggest Star and The Biggest Full Moon of the Year!"

#365-I 7/22/96 thru 7/28/96

"Blaze Star : The Incredible Mystery of the Lost Jewel of the Northern Crown : Part 1"

#366-I 7/29/96 thru 8/4/96

"The Incredible Mystery of the Lost Star of the Northern Crown : Part 2, Conclusion"

June (Click Here)

#358-I 6/3/96 thru 6/9/96

"Mars and Mercury Mornings, and the Search for the Morning Star"

#359-I 6/10/96 thru 6/16/96

"Day Star Star-Rise Day and How To Win A Pair of Night Sky Binoculars"

#360-I 6/17/96 thru 6/23/96

"Earth At Aphelion and A Jovian 4th of July"

#361-I 6/24/96 thru 6/30/96

"The Blue Moons of June and July1996 : A Modern Mystery; And How To Win A Telescope"

May (Click Here)

#354-I 5/6/96 thru 5/12/96

"If Orion Is Leaving Us Can The Scorpion Be Far Behind?"

#355-I 5/13/96 thru 5/19/96

"The Last Venus/Moon Picture Show"

#356-I 5/20/96 thru 5/26/96

"Memorial and Decoration Day Summer Preview, and One Planet Alone"

#357-I 5/27/96 thru 6/2/96

"Awesome Arcturus : Star of A Million Years"

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