Past Scripts

December 1997 (Click Here)

#SG 004-I 12/1/97 thru 12/7/97

"Last Week For The Grand Gatheringof The Planets and

Venus At Its Greatest Brilliancy"

#SG 005-I 12/08/97 thru 12/14/97

"The Moon Of The Short Shadows"

#SG 006-I 12/15/97 thru 12/21/97

"Venus and Mars At Their Closest On The First Day Of Winter:

And Why The Winter Solstice Was A Time Of Ancient Fear

#SG 007-I 12/22/97 thru 12/28/97

"The New Year's Eve Star:
A Different Way To Welcome In The New Year"

#SG 008-I 12/29/97 thru 1/4/98

"New Year Goodies, The Great Jupiter/ Mars Conjunction,

And Kiss The Goddess of Love Good-bye"

November 1997 (Click Here)

#432-I 11/3/97 thru 11/9/97

"Star Hustler Is 21 years Old This Week!

Say Hello To Star Gazer!"

#SG 001-I 11/10/97 thru 11/16/97

"Queen Cassiopeia : Vanity And Its Cosmic Reward"

#SG 002-I 11/17/97 thru 11/23/97

"Perseus and The Pleiades :

Double Your Cluster, Double Your Fun"

#SG 003-I 11/24/97 thru 11/30/97

"A Grand Gathering Of Planets For Thanksgiving :

The Last Such Of The Century "


October 1997 (Click Here)

#428-I 10/6/97 thru 10/12/97

"Parade Of The Planets and Saturn At Its Best"

#429-I 10/13/97 thru 10/19/97

"Mars,Venus and Antares : A Triple Whammy Weekend"

#430-I 10/20/97 thru 10/26/97

"Autumn Stars ; And Why The Stars Change With The Seasons"

#431-I 10/27/97 thru11/2/97

"Pegasus and The Pleiades ; And The Farthest You Can See With The Naked Eye"


September 1997 (Click Here)

#423-I 9/1/97 thru 9/7/97

"A Super September Planet Parade"

#424-I 9/8/97 thru 9/14/97

"The Wonderful Week of the Harvest Moon"

#425-I 9/15/97 thru 9/21/97

"Mercury At Its Best and: It's 'Sun-Visor-Equinox Time' Once Again"

#426-I 9/22/97 thru9/28/97

"Why Is Fall Called 'Fall' ? or",The 'Season of Descent' "

#427-I 9/29/97 thru 10/5/97

"How To Make 'Contact' With Vega"

August 1997 (Click Here)

#419-I 8/497 thru 8/10/97

"The Pathway of the Planets and How To Find It"

#420-I 8/11/97 thru 8/17/97

"The Great Late-Summer Jupiter Show"

#421-I 8/18/97 thru 8/24/97

"Kitty In The Cosmos : A Stinging Tail/Tale"

#422-I 8/25/97 thru 8/31/97

"Cosmic Goodies For The Labor Day Weekend and Virgo Meets Venus"



July 1997 (Click Here)

#415-I 7/7/97 thru 7/13/97

"Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali :

The Two Stars of Summer You Just Love To Pronounce"

#416-I 7/14/97 thru 7/20/97

"Summer Ballet of Two Planets and A Star:

A Celestial Pas De Trois"

#417-I 7/21/97 thru 7/27/97

"A Planet Named George : Tale Of A Celestial Gas Bag"

#418-I 7/28/97 thru 8/3/97

"Plan Now For The Perseids! The Most Famous Meteor Shower Of All Time"


June 1997 (Click Here)

#410-I 6/2/97 thru 6/8/97

"The Moon and Mars On Triskaidekaphobia Day"

#411-I 6/9/97 thru 6/15/97

"Day Star Day : A Celebration of the Summer Solstice

and the Star We Call Our Sun"

#412-I 6/16/97 thru 6/22/97

"Moon To Crash Into Saturn Next Week! (Well, Almost)"

#413-I 6/23/97 thru 6/29/97

"A Special Sky & The 4th Of July"

#414-I 6/30/97 thru 7/6/97

"The '3 Tenors' of Summer : A Cosmic Trio"


May 1997 (Click Here)

#406-I 5/5/97 thru 5/11/97

"Farewell to Hale-Bopp :

The Exquisite Monster Comet of the 20th Century!"

#407-I 5/12/97 thru 5/18/97

"Measuring Distances In The Sky

Using Just Your Hand and the Big Dipper"

#408-I 5/19/97 thru 5/25/97

"Moon Finding The Two Giant Planets Of Summer : A Preview"

#409-I 5/26/97 thru 6/1/97

"Preview of the Christmas Star, A UFO and

A Diminished St. Patrick's Day Planet "

April 1997 (Click Here)

#402-I 4/7/97 thru 4/13/97

"When, Where & How

To Watch Comet Hale-Bopp At Its Best During April!"

#403-I 4/14/97 thru 4/20/97

"Death Of An Unknown Comet, and

Sensational Movies of Our Sun"

#404-I 4/21/97 thru 4/27/97

"Last Two Weeks To See Hale-Bopp! For 2400 Years!"

#405-I 4/28/97 thru 5/5/97

"The Cat/Moon Goddess and the Comet; An Evening To Remember "

March 1997 (Click Here)

#397-I 3/3/97 thru 3/9/97

"March 1997: A Super Sensational, Celestially Stupendous,

You're Not Gonna Believe It, Month For Star Gazers"

#398-I 3/10/97 thru 3/16/97

"a Comet Hale-Bopp Update,

and St. Patrick's Day On Mars!"

#399-I 3/17/97 thru 3/23/97

"Super Week! Comet Hale-Bopp At Its Closest! Mars At Its Brightest!

And A Palm Sunday Eclipse!"

#400-I 3/24/97 thru 3/30/97

"Super Comet Hale-Bopp! The Real Nitty Gritty and Fun Facts! "

#401-I 3/31/97 thru 4/6/97

"The Secret Life of Hale-Bopp"

February 1997 (Click Here)

#393-I 2/3/97 thru 2/9/97

"A Star Hustler Milestone,Closest New Moon of '97

and A Super Planet Parade"

#394-I 2/10/97 thru 2/16/97

"Comet of the Century? Update!"

#395-I 2/17/97 thru 2/23/97

"Get Ready For The Rusty, Dusty Planet of the Year!"

#396-I 2/24/97 thru 3/2/97

"A Return Journey To Orion's Belt "

January 1997 (Click Here)

#389-I 1/6/97 thru 1/12/97

"Weekend of the First Planet and a Saturn-Moon Conjunction"

#390-I 1/13/97 thru 1/19/97

"Don't Worry About Winter, After All It's The Shortest Season of the Year"

#391-I 1/20/97 thru 1/26/97

"Now Is The Time To Start Your Comet Hale-Bopp Watch!"

#392-I 1/27/97 thru 2/2/97

"A Red Planet For A Green Holiday! "


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