Past Scripts

December 1998 (Click Here)


#SG 057-I 12/7/98 thru 12/13/98

"A Pink Planet and A Red Star For The Holidays"


#SG 058-I 12/14/98 thru 12/20/98

"The Return of The Christmas 'Star' and

A Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Sky Duo"


#SG 059-I 12/21/98 thru 12/27/98

"A Sky Full of Planets For Christmas!"


#SG 060-I 12/28/98 thru 1/3/99

"The New Years's Eve Star : A New Way To Ring In The New Year!"

November 1998 (Click Here)


#SG 052-I 11/2/98 thru 11/8/98

"The Bragging Stars Of An Ancient Queeen In November's Milky Way"


#SG 053-I 11/9/98 thru 11/15/98

"Will Leo The Lion And His Leonids Roar Next Week?

Getting Ready For A Possible Meteor Storm!"


#SG 054-I 11/16/98 thru 11/22/98

"Moon, Planet and Star Magic For The Thanksgiving Weekend"


#SG 055-I 11/23/98 thru 11/29/98

"A No Bull ABout It Star and A Thanksgiving Week Reminder"


#SG 056-I 11/30/98 thru 12/6/98

"The Flying Horse Of The Heavens and The Gateway To Paradise"


October 1998 (Click Here)


#SG 048-I 10/5/98 thru 10/11/98

"Mars and Regulus : The Meeting and Parting Of A Planet And A Star"


#SG 049-I 10/12/98 thru 10/18/98

"Saturn : At Its Closest In 20 Years!"


#SG 050-I 10/19/98 thru 10/25/98

"No Tricks But Some Real Cosmic Treats This Hallowe'en Of '98"


#SG 051-I 10/26/98 thru 11/1/98

"The Closest, Biggest and Brightest Full Moon of the Year!"


September 1998 (Click Here)


#SG 044-I 9/7/98 thru 9/13/98

"This Week's Close Meeting Of Two Planets and

Jupiter At Its Biggest, Brightest And Closest Since 1987"


#SG 045-I 9/14/98 thru 9/20/98

"The Autumnal Equinox:

A Week of Due East Sunrises And Due West Sunsets"


#SG 046-I 9/21/98 thru 9/27/98

"A New Way To Look At The Wonderful Summer/Early Autumn Triangle"


#SG 047-I 9/28/98 thru 10/4/98

"Celestial Goodies For This October!"


August 1998 (Click Here)

#SG 039-I 8/3/98 thru 8/9/98

"Week Of Togetherness for Mars and Venus

and The Perseid Meteor Shower"

#SG 040-I 8/10/98 thru 8/16/98

"A Wonder of the Universe:

Where An Ancient Archer Aims His Arrow"

#SG 041-I 8/17/98 thru 8/23/98

"Nights Of the Nihplod And The Summer Triangle"

#SG 042-I 8/24/98 thru 8/30/98

"The False Dawn of Omar Khayyam and

How To Find It"

#SG 043-I 8/31/98 thru 9/6/98

"Jupiter/Moon Weekend and

An Early Bird Planet Shuffle"

July 1998 (Click Here)

#SG 035-I 7/6/98 thru 7/12/98

"How to Find The Planets of Summer '98"

#SG 036-I 7/13/98 thru 7/19/98

"This Week's Saturn/Moon Rise"

Next Week's Venus/Moon Pairing and

Summer Midnight Magic

#SG 037-I 7/20/98 thru 7/26/98

"A Wonderfully Weird Summer Night Wonder and

How To Find It Easy As Pie"

#SG 038-I 7/27/98 thru 8/2/98

"Mars and Venus Pay A Visit As The Gemini Twins Look On"

June 1998 (Click Here)

#SG 030-I 6/198 thru 6/7/98

"Story Telling and The Stars:

An Ancient Tale Of Star-Crossed Lovers"

#SG 031-I 6/8/98 thru 6/14/98

"A Celestial Sky Show To Celebrate The Solstice"

#SG 032-I 6/15/98 thru 6/21/98

"Celebrate The Summer Solstice and

Win A Copy Of Our Brand New "Star Gazer" Video"

#SG 033-I 6/22/98 thru 6/28/98

"The Brightest Star Of Summer and

The Great World's Fair Fiasco"

#SG 034-I 6/29/98 thru 7/5/98

"Mercury's One Week Stand and

Far Out Earth"

May 1998 (Click Here)

#SG 026-I 5/4/98 thru 5/10/98

"The Day The Sun Stands Still and

A Close But Difficult Morning Meeting"

#SG 027-I 511/98 thru 5/17/98

"How To Use Our Moon To Find The Planets!"

#SG 028-I 5/18/98 thru 5/24/98

"A Grand Meeting Between The "Biggest" and Brightest Planets

#SG 029-I 5/25/98 thru 5/31/98

"The Heart And Tale Of The King Of The Beasts"

April 1998 (Click Here)

#SG 022-I 4/6/98 thru 4/12/98

"The Smallest Full Moon Of The Year,
And The Horse On The Handle Of The Big Dipper"

#SG 023-I 4/13/98 thru 4/19/98

"Next Week Is The Week For The Most Spectacular
Celestial Gathering Of The Year"

#SG 024-I 4/20/98 thru 4/26/98

"Don't Forget This Week's Most Spectacular Celestial Gathering Of The Year!
And An Exquisite Moon Bids Farewell to Winter Stars"

#SG 025-I 4/27/98 thru 5/3/98

"How To Time Travel Through The Big Dipper"

March 1998 (Click Here)

#SG 017-I 3/2/98 thru 3/8/98

"In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb and
How To Find Them In March's Skies"

#SG 018-I 3/9/98 thru 3/15/98

"Mercury At Its Best For '98, Its Slow Dance With Saturn and Mars,
Plus A Venus/ Mars Super Shot"

#SG 019-I 3/16/98 thru 3/22/98

"Friends, Romans Countrymen, Lend Me Your 'Year'...New Year That Is"

#SG 020-I 3/23/98 thru 3/29/98

"The Strange Case Of The Brightest Star We See Most Often"

#SG 021-I 3/30/98 thru 4/5/98

"Prepare For The Most Spectacular Celestial Gathering Of The Year"

February 1998 (Click Here)

#SG 013-I 2/2/98 thru 2/8/98

"A Great Big Red Star For Valentine's Day:

About As Great And As Big As It Gets"

#SG 014-I 2/9/98 thru 2/15/98

"Sixteen Hundred Light Years Beyond:

A Journey To A Birthplace Of Stars"

#SG 015-I 2/16/98 thru 2/22/98

"A Venus/Moon Goodie and

A Preview of Coming Summer Attractions"

#SG 016-I 2/23/98 thru 3/1/98

"The Moon and Saturn and

The New Year's Star Two Months Later"


January 1998 (Click Here)

#SG 009-I 1/5/98 thru 1/11/98

"The Crazy Carousel Ride of The Charbroiled Planet"

#SG 010-I 1/12 /98 thru 1/18/98

"The Biggest Grand Scootchie of The Planets of '98"

#SG 011-I 1/19/98 thru 1/25/98

"Don't Look Now But There's A UFO In Your Morning Coffee"

#SG 012-I 1/26/98 thru 2/1/98

"How To Find Saturn and The WInter Triangle"



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