Past Scripts

Dec. 1999 (Click Here)

Star Gazer #99-49 12/6/99 thru 12/12/99

"The Geminid Meteor Shower,

Plus The Moon and Mars and

A Planet Named George!"



Star Gazer #99-50 12/13/99 thru 12/19/99


"The Astonishing Lunar Illumination

of December 22nd, 1999!

The Brightest First Night of Winter

In 133 years!"



Star Gazer #99-51 12/20/99 thru 12/26/99


"The Winter Solstice and

Why The Shortest Day of The Year

Doesn't Feel Like The Shortest"



Star Gazer #99-52 12/27/99 thru 1/2/2000


"A Star For The Millennium!

A Cosmic Way To Ring In The New Year!"


Nov. 1999 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #99-44 11/1/99 thru 11/07/99


"Saturn At Opposition This Week

And As Big And As Bright As It Ever Gets!"

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Star Gazer #99-45 11/08/99 thru 11/14/99


"Will Next Week's Leonid Meteor Shower

Turn Into A Meteor Storm?!"

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Star Gazer #99-46 11/15/99 thru 11/21/99


"A Meteor Storm Alert!

And Our Moon Pays A Visit

To The Two Largest Planets"

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Star Gazer #99-47 11/22/99 thru 11/28/99


"Another Cosmic Triangle and

The Time Machine Effect!"

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Star Gazer #99-48 11/29/99 thru 12/05/99


"The Moon Meets The Pink Iron Planet"

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Oct. 1999 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #99-40 10/0499 thru 10/10/99


"The Moon and Venus,The Moon and Mercury

and The Moon and Mars!"


Star Gazer #99-41 10/11/99 thru 10/17/99


"Stars For An Indian Summer!"


Star Gazer #99-42 10/18/99 thru 10/24/99


"Jupiter At Its Brightest and Closest In A Dozen Years!"


Star Gazer #99-43 10/25/99 thru 10/31/99


"Venus At Its Highest And Brightest For The Year!"



Sep 1999 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #99-36 9/6/99 thru 9/12/99


"Mars Meets Its Rival!

And Won't Be This Close Again Until 2016!"


Star Gazer #99-37 9/13/99 thru 9/19/99


"The Two Days Of The Year

When The Sun Rises Due East

And Sets Due Due West"


Star Gazer #99-38 9/20/99 thru 9/26/99


"A Trick You Can Do

With A Dime And The Harvest Moon"


Star Gazer #99-39 9/27/99 thru 10/3/99


"A Parade Of Planets From Sunset To Sunrise"


Aug 1999 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #99-31 8/2/99 thru 8/8/99


"Don't Miss Next Week's Perseid Meteor Shower

Because This Year, Conditions Are Ideal For It!"


Star Gazer #99-32 8/9/99 thru 8/15/99


"Mercury and The Gemini Twins

And The Heliacal Rising Of The Dog Star!"


Star Gazer #99-33 8/16/99 thru 8/22/99


"How To Use Mars To Find

The Two Most Tongue Twisting Stars In The Cosmos!"


Star Gazer #99-34 8/23/99 thru 8/29/99


"The Two Marvelous Star Clusters

That Ride Above The Scorpion's Tail!"


Star Gazer #99-35 8/30/99 thru 9/5/99


"How To Find The 'False Dawn' Of An Ancient Persian Poet"


July 1999 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #99-27 7/5/99 thru 7/11/99


"Don't Miss July 15th's Super Duper Spectacular Cosmic Trio! A Real Knock Your Socks Off Sky Show!"


Star Gazer #99-28 7/12/99 thru 7/18/99


"How to Watch Two Bright Planets and Two Bright Stars As They Move Away From Each Other"


Star Gazer #99-29 7/19/99 thru 7/25/99


"The Scorpion and The Pussycat and

How To Find Them!"


Star Gazer #99-30 7/26/99 thru 8/1/99

"A Moon Journey Past Cosmic Wonders In Early Morning Skies"


June 1999 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #99-23 6/7/99 thru 6/13/99


"Mars and Spica Closest This Week,

Mercury Puts In An Appearance,

and A Venus/ Moon Super Goody!"


Star Gazer #99-24 6/14/99 thru 6/20/99


"What The Night Sky Looks Like

On The First Night Of Summer"


Star Gazer #99-25 6/21/99 thru 6/27/99


"The Most Difficult To Find Of All The Naked Eye Planets

and How to Find It!"


Star Gazer #99-26 6/28/99 thru 7/4/99


"What To See In The Sky On The 4th Of July!"


May 1999 (Click Here)

Star Gazer #99-18 5/3/99 thru 5/9/99


"A Super Close Up Look At Mars

Which Is Still At Its Brightest Since 1990!"


Star Gazer #99-19 5/10/99 thru 5/16/99


"Venus, Earth's Twin Sister, Takes Over Evening Skies"


Star Gazer #99-20 5/17/99 thru 5/23/99


"How To Find Virgo and Its Brightest Star Spica"


Star Gazer #99-21 5/24/99 thru 5/30/99


"The Gemini Twins and the Goddess Of Love

and The Smallest Full Moon Of The Year"


Star Gazer #99-22 5/31/99 thru 6/6/99


"Awesome Arcturus : Find It Now Before It's Gone"

April 1999 (Click Here)


#SG 99-14 4/5/99 thru 4/11/99


"A New Way to Use The Big Dipper and

Venus Pays A Visit To The Seven Sisters"


#SG 99-15 4/12/99 thru 4/18/99

"The Weekend of Nine Cosmic Ladies

And The Great Red Star"


#SG 99-16 4/19/99 thru 4/25/99

"Mars At Opposition This Week!

Closest and Brightest Since 1990!"


#SG 99-17 4/26/99 thru 5/2/99

"The Truth About The North Star

And How To Find It"


March 1999 (Click Here)


#SG 99-09 3/1/99 thru 3/7/99


"Four Planets In A Bundle

For Your Early Evening Viewing Pleasure


#SG 99-10 3/8/99 thru 3/14/99

"An Exquisite Celestial Trio

With Exotic Earthshine, Friday March 19th



#SG 99-11 3/15/99 thru 3/21/99

"Spring Is Here !

At Least According To The Yellow Line

In The Middle Of The Road


#SG 99-12 3/22/99 thru 3/28/99

"The Beginning of Spring and The End of Winter"

Reflected In The Stars and

A Blue Moon Update"

#SG 99-13 3/29/99 thru 4/04/99

"April 1999 : The Month of Mars"



February 1999 (Click Here)


#SG 99-05 2/1/99 thru 2/7/99

"A Great Big Red Star For Valentine's Day :

About As Big And As Red As It Gets!"


#SG 99-06 2/8/99 thru 2/14/99

"A Cosmic Switcheroo! The 8th & 9th Planets

Change Places This Week!

and Getting Ready For

February 23rd's Super Duper Conjunction!"


#SG 99-07 2/15/99 thru 2/21/99

"How To Watch Next Week's Spectacular

Super-Duper Meeting of the Planets"


#SG 99-08 2/22/99 thru 2/28/99

"The Elusive First Planet and How To Find It Easy As Pie"


January 1999 (Click Here)


#SG 99-01 1/4/99 thru 1/10/99

"The Evening Star and the Seventh Planet

and Earth Closest To The Sun This Week!"


#SG 99-02 1/11/99 thru 1/17/99

"Hail Caesar and Happy New Year!

and Getting Ready For A Super-Duper

Grand Conjunction of the Two Brightest Planets!"


#SG 99-03 1/18/99 thru 1/24/99

"The Orion Nebula : A True Winter Wonder!"


#SG 99-04 1/25/99 thru 1/31/99

"Two Blue Moons For 1999!

and The Big Blue Moon Brouhaha"


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