Past Scripts


Dec. 2000 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 12/04/2000 thru 12/10/2000

"The Holiday Star Gets Higher and Brighter!

and Using The Moon To Find The 2 Largest Planets"


Star Gazer : 12/11/2000 thru 12/17/2000

"The Eclipse Of The Sun On Christmas Day

and How To View It Safely"


Star Gazer : 12/18/2000 thru 12/24/2000

"Now 's The Time To Use

Your New Telescope and Binoculars

Because 3 Outrageously Wonderful Planets

Bring The Year 2000

To A Spectacular Sky Show End"


Star Gazer : 12/25/2000 thru 12/31/2000

"Ring In The New Year The Cosmic Way!

With The New Year's Eve Star

and Two Wonderful Planets"

Nov. 2000 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 11/06/2000 thru 11/12/2000

"The Leonid Meteor Shower and

The Full Moon Visits Two Planets and A Star"


Star Gazer : 11/13/2000 thru 11/19/2000

"A Turkey Isn't The Only Bird

You'll See For Thanksgiving"


Star Gazer : 11/20/2000 thru 11/26/2000

"Three Outrageously Wonderful Planets

For The Holiday Season,2000"


Star Gazer : 11/27/2000 thru 12/3/2000

"The Surest Sign of Winter and

Why The Shortest Day Of The Year

Doesn't Feel Like The Shortest Day Of The Year "

Oct. 2000 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 10/02/2000 thru 10/08/2000

"The Milky Way At Its Very Best

In Early Evening October Skies"


Star Gazer : 10/09/2000 thru 10/15/2000

"The Planets Brighten and

Triskaidekaphobia Day!"


Star Gazer : 10/16/2000 thru 10/22/2000

"The Witching Hour and The Pleiades Hour

and The End of The World On Halloween!"


Star Gazer : 10/23/2000 thru 10/29/2000

"A Venus and Crescent Moon Sky Goody

and Say Farewell To Sagittarius"


Star Gazer : 10/30/2000 thru 11/05/2000

"The Farthest Thing In The Universe

You Can See With The Naked Eye"

Sept. 2000 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 9/04/2000 thru 9/10/2000

"The Nights of The Harvest Moon

and Mars and Regulus Meet"


Star Gazer : 9/11/2000 thru 9/17/2000

"This Year's Autumnal Equinox

and The Unusual Effect It Will Have On Drivers"


Star Gazer : 9/18/2000 thru 9/24/2000

"Moon and Planet Games For

The Last Week Of September"


Star Gazer : 9/25/2000 thru 10/01/2000

"The Summer Triangle

Gives Way To

The Autumn Square"

Aug 2000 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 8/07/2000 thru 8/13/2000

"The One Hour Only Perseid

Comet Litter Meteor Shower"


Star Gazer : 8/14/2000 thru 8/20/2000

"Using The Moon To Find

Four Planets In Late Summer Skies"


Star Gazer : 8/21/2000 thru 8/27/2000

"A City Of Stars In Summer Skies"


Star Gazer : 8/28/2000 thru 9/3/2000

"Vega: The Brightest and Most Wonderful

Star Of The Summer Triangle"

July 2000 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 7/03/2000 thru 7/09/2000

"Earth Farthest From The Sun This Week,

and The Two Largest Planets Light Up Morning Skies"


Star Gazer : 7/10/2000 thru 7/16/2000

"It's Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali Time Once Again!"


Star Gazer : 7/17/2000 thru 7/23/2000

"A Pre Dawn Sky For The Last Week Of July!


Star Gazer : 7/24/2000 thru 7/30/2000

"Two Cat's Eyes In Summer Skies"


Star Gazer : 7/31/2000 thru 8/06/2000

"A Planet Named George and

How To Find It Next Week ... Maybe"


June 2000 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 6/05/2000 thru 6/11/2000

"A Jupiter-Saturn Alert &

The Wonderful Full Moon of June"


Star Gazer : 6/12/2000 thru 6/18/2000

"Day Star Day : A Celebration of the Summer Solstice

and The Star We Call Our Sun"


Star Gazer : 6/19/2000 thru 6/25/2000

"A Great Celestial Triangle Announces

The Beginning of Summer and Your Last Chance

To See Jupiter and Saturn This Close Until 2020"


Star Gazer : 6/26/2000 thru 7/2/2000

"A Special Sky For The 4th Of July "

May. 2000 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 5/01/2000 thru 5/07/2000

"How To Use The Moon To Find

The Lion, The Virgin and The Scorpion"


Star Gazer : 5/08/2000 thru 5/14/2000

"How To Measure Distances In The Sky

Using Just Your Fingers and

The Big Dipper"


Star Gazer : 5/15/2000 thru 5/21/2000

"Regulus and Denebola, The Heart and Tail

Of Leo The Lion"


Star Gazer : 5/22/2000 thru 5/28/2000

"There Are Only 2 Really Good Times

This Year To See Mercury and

Next Week Is One Of Them! "


Star Gazer : 5/29/2000 thru 6/04/2000

"The Closest Meeting Of

The Two Largest Planets For 20 Years! "

April. 2000 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 4/03/2000 thru 4/09/2000

"The Great Mars/Jupiter/Saturn Sky Show

Reaches Its Climax"


Star Gazer : 4/10/2000 thru 4/16/2000

"Using The Big Dipper

To Find Two Wonderful Stars!"


Star Gazer : 4/17/2000 thru 4/23/2000

"How To Time Travel Through The Big Dipper"


Star Gazer : 4/24/2000 thru 4/30/2000

"The Big Planetary Lineup Brou-Ha-Ha!

You Won't Even Get Your Feet Wet!"

Mar. 2000 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #00-10 3/06/2000 thru 3/12/2000


"The Strange and Marvelous Reality of

The Brightest Star We See Most Often"


Star Gazer #00-11 3/13/2000 thru 3/19/2000


"Why Is Spring Called Spring?

and Other Tantalizing Tidbits About The Seasons"


Star Gazer #00-12 3/20/2000 thru 3/26/2000


"Low Lyin' Orion and The High Flyin' Lion"


Star Gazer #00-13 3/27/2000 thru 4/02/2000


"The Incredible Journey of

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn"


Feb. 2000 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #00-06 2/7/2000 thru 2/13/2000

"A Great Big Red Star For Valentine's Day,

Slowly Beating Like A Giant Cosmic Heart"


Star Gazer #00-07 2/14/2000 thru 2/20/2000

"The Brightest Star In The Night Sky"


Star Gazer #00-08 2/21/2000 thru 2/27/2000

"The Venus Challenge"


Star Gazer #00-09 2/28/2000 thru 3/05/2000

"Getting Ready For A Great Meeting Of The Planets"

Jan. 2000 (Click Here)


Star Gazer #00-01 1/3/2000 thru 1/9/2000

"Earth Closest To The Sun This Week!

Four Naked Eye Planets and

A Lunar Eclipse Alert!"


Star Gazer #00-02 1/10/2000 thru 1/16/2000

"Get Ready For Next Week's Total Eclipse of The Moon"


Star Gazer #00-03 1/17/2000 thru 1/23/2000

"A Lunar Eclipse Alert!

and A Journey To A Place Where Stars Are Born"


Star Gazer #00-04 1/24/2000 thru 1/30/2000

"A Ground Hog Day Sky Show Extravaganza!

Plus A Tiny Taste of Summer"


Star Gazer #00-05 1/31/2000 thru 2/6/2000

"The Moon Visits The Planets and

The Planets Prepare To Visit Each Other"



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