Past Scripts

December 2001 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 12/03/2001 thru 12/09/2001

"The Only Known Asteroid Shower
Visits Earth Next Week!
And How To Watch It"

Star Gazer : 12/10/2001 thru 12/16/2001

"Three Exquisite Star Clusters
And How To See Them"

Star Gazer : 12/17/2001 thru 12/23/2001

"The First Day Of Winter
And Why The Shortest Day Of The Year
Doesn't Feel Like The Shortest"

Star Gazer : 12/24/2001 thru 12/30/2001

"A Full Moon And The King Of The Planets
At Its Brightest and Closest
Overhead At Midnight On New Year's Eve!"

Star Gazer : 12/31/2001 thru 1/06/2002

"Earth Closest To The Sun This Week,
Mercury At Its Best Evening Appearance,
And Jupiter At Its Closest And Brightest
For The Entire Year!"

November 2001 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 11/05/2001 thru 11/11/2001

"Star Gazer" Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary!
The Leonid Meteor Shower May Turn Into A Meteor Storm!
And An Announcement About Mars You Won't Believe!


Star Gazer : 11/12/2001 thru 11/18/2001

"The Moon Meets Mars On Thanksgiving Eve and
Our Annual '3 Cosmic Birds For Thanksgiving' Show"


Star Gazer : 11/19/2001 thru 11/25/2001

"How To Find Uranus By Using Mars and
Watching The Full Moon Occult The Ringed Planet Saturn"


Star Gazer : 11/26/2001 thru 12/02/2001

"Saturn At Its Best Since The 70's and
The Moon Pays A Visit To Jupiter"

October 2001 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 10/01/2001 thru 10/07/2001

"See The Milky Way And Its Brightest Constellations
At Their Very Best Next Week Just After Dark"


Star Gazer : 10/08/2001 thru 10/14/2001

"Some Favorite Stars and
Why The Stars Change With The Seasons"


Star Gazer : 10/15/2001 thru 10/21/2001

"The Last Full Moon On Halloween Until 2020
And The Seven Sisters"


Star Gazer : 10/22/2001 thru 10/28/2001

"Two Side by Side Planets Glide Together
For 11 Days In Pre-Dawn Skies"


Star Gazer : 10/28/2001 thru 11/04/2001

"Five Pretty Planets For Your Perusal"

September 2001 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 9/3/2001 thru 9/9/2001

"September's Morning And Evening Planet Show
And The Rare Occultation of Saturn"


Star Gazer : 9/10/2001 thru 9/16/2001

"How to Find The 'False Dawn'
Of Omar Khayyam ... Next Week"


Star Gazer : 9/17/2001 thru 9/23/2001

"Why Is The Summer Triangle Overhead
On The First Night Of Fall?"


Star Gazer : 9/24/2001 thru 9/30/2001

"A 'Magic Trick' You Can Do
With A Dime And The Harvest Moon"

August 2001 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 8/6/2001 thru 8/12/2001

"The Moon Visits 3 Bright Planets
And Comes So Close To Venus
It Will Take Your Breath Away!"


Star Gazer : 8/13/2001 thru 8/19/2001

"Mars and The Two Marvelous Star Clusters
That Ride Above The Scorpion's Tail"


Star Gazer : 8/20/2001 thru 8/26/2001

"Planet George At Its Brightest and Closest To Earth This Week
And How To Find It ... Maybe"


Star Gazer : 8/27/2001 thru 9/2/2001

"This Year's Strange Non-Harvest September Moon
And Dueling Constellations"

July 2001 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 7/2/2001 thru 7/8/2001

"The July 2001 Planet Show!"


Star Gazer : 7/9/2001 thru 7/15/2001

"July's Fabulous Pre-Dawn
Celestial Extravaganza!"


Star Gazer : 7/16/2001 thru 7/22/2001

"Destination Vega :
The Brightest Star Of The Summer Triangle"


Star Gazer : 7/23/2001 thru 7/29/2001

"Altair : The Weird But Wonderful
Second Brightest Star
Of The Summer Triangle"


Star Gazer : 7/30/2001 thru 8/5/2001

"A Spectacular Meeting Of
The 2 Brightest Planets This Weekend
And Mars Pulls Away From Antares"

June 2001 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 6/4/2001 thru 6/10/2001

"The Two 'Morning Stars' of June 2001!"


Star Gazer : 6/11/2001 thru 6/17/2001

"Mars At Opposition This Week!!
And An Exquisite Venus/ Moon Visit"


Star Gazer : 6/18/2001 thru 6/24/2001

"The Fabulous Summer Solstice of 2001!
Mars At Its Closest in 13 Years!
And The First Total Eclipse Of The Sun
Of The Millennium"


Star Gazer : 6/25/2001 thru 7/1/2001

"Earth Farthest From The Sun On The 4th Of July!
The Moon Pays A Visit To Dazzling Mars!
And A 4 Planet Pre-Dawn Tease!"

May 2001 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 5/7/2001 thru 5/13/2001

"Mars Backs Up This Week!
And Continues Racing Toward Earth!"


Star Gazer : 5/14/2001 thru 5/20/2001

"Last Chance To See Jupiter;
Mercury Meets The Moon;
And The Hidden Splendor Of Gemini"


Star Gazer : 5/21/2001 thru 5/27/2001

"The Real and Magnificent Stars
Which Mark The Heart and Tail
of Leo the Lion"


Star Gazer : 5/28/2001 thru 6/3/2001

"The Fabulous Summer of Mars"

April 2001 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 4/2/2001 thru 4/8/2001

"The Planet Mars Is Getting Ready To Back Up"


Star Gazer : 4/9/2001 thru 4/15/2001

"The Horse On The Handle Of The Big Dipper"


Star Gazer : 4/16/2001 thru 4/22/2001

"Celebrate National Astronomy Day
On Saturday April 28th!
And The Moon Pays A Last Visit
To Saturn and Jupiter"


Star Gazer : 4/23/2001 thru 4/29/2001

"The Surprising And Amazing Truth
About The North Star
And How To Find It"


Star Gazer : 4/30/2001 thru 5/6/2001

"The Pink Iron Planet Makes Its Best Evening Appearance of The Year!
And Venus Makes Its Best Appearance As The Morning Star!"

March. 2001 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 3/5/2001 thru 3/11/2001

"Venus Makes

A Spectacular Exit and Entrance"

Star Gazer : 3/12/2001 thru 3/18/2001

"The Red Planet Meets

Its Red Rival!"

Star Gazer : 3/19/2001 thru 3/25/2001

"Spring Right In Your Face!

And The Last Good

Moon/Jupiter/Saturn Get-Togethers"

Star Gazer : 3/26/2001 thru 4/1/2001

"How To Use The Moon and Your Fingers

To Measure Distances In The Night Sky

Feb. 2001 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 2/5/2001 thru 2/11/2001

"The Closest and Biggest

Full Moon Of 2001!

And How To Find

The Valentine's Day Star"

Star Gazer : 2/12/2001 thru 2/18/2001

"Chilling Geometry :

The Great Winter Triangle

Inside The Great Winter Hexagon"

Star Gazer : 2/19/2001 thru 2/25/2001

"Venus At Its Greatest Brilliancy!

And An Exquisite Moon

Makes Dramatic Sky Pictures

With The Planets"

Star Gazer : 2/26/2001 thru 3/4/2001

"The Wonderful Birthday Stars Of

The Winter Triangle"

Jan. 2001 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 1/1/2001 thru 1/7/2001

"January Is ' How To Use Your New Telescope' Month"


Star Gazer : 1/8/2001 thru 1/14/2001

"Which Season Is The Longest? and

Which Is The Shortest?

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter"


Star Gazer : 1/15/2001 thru 1/21/2001

"The Moon Pays A Visit

To The Two Inner Planets and

How To Watch It"


Star Gazer : 1/22/2001 thru 1/28/2001

"The Ground Hog Day Moon

Visits Two Planets and

A Venus Reminder"


Star Gazer : 1/29/2001 thru 2/4/2001

"The Month Of

The Incredible UFO Planet!"


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