Past Scripts

December 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 12/02/2002 thru 12/08/2002

"December's Days Of Earliest Sunsets
Venus Reaches Greatest Brilliancy
And Orion Announces The Coming Of Winter"

Star Gazer : 12/09/2002 thru 12/15/2002

"Saturn Comes Into Opposition December 17th
And Will Be At Its Biggest And Brightest It Ever Gets"

Star Gazer : 12/16/2002 thru 12/22/2002

"What Is the Winter Solstice Really All About?"

Star Gazer : 12/23/2002 thru 12/29/2002

"Celebrate New Year's Eve
With The New Year's Eve Star"

Star Gazer : 12/30/2002 thru 1/05/2003

"2003 : The Year Of The Amateur Telescope/
A Cosmic Preview"

November 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 11/04/2002 thru 11/10/2002

"Get Ready For What May Be The Last Great
Leonid Meteor Storm In 100 Years!"

Star Gazer : 11/11/2002 thru 11/17/2002

"Planets Aplenty For Both Night Owls And Early Birds"

Star Gazer : 11/18/2002 thru 11/24/2002

Our Star Gazer Annual "3 Cosmic Birds For Thanksgiving" Show

Star Gazer : 11/25/2002 thru 12/01/2002

"Begin Your December With
A Super Celestial Triangle"

October 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 10/07/2002 thru 10/13/2002

"The Early Bird Not Only Gets The Worm,
But Also 4 Pre-dawn Planets Lined Up In A Row"

Star Gazer : 10/14/2002 thru 10/20/2002

"This Year's Very Special Hunter's Moon"

Star Gazer : 10/21/2002 thru 10/27/2002

"The Seven Sisters and Halloween,
And The End Of The World"

Star Gazer : 10/28/2002 thru 11/03/2002

"How to Look Back In Time Over Two Million Years"

September 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 9/02/2002 thru 9/08/2002

"Last Chance To See Venus And the Moon
As An Evening Pair And
A Wonderful Star Named Spica"

Star Gazer : 9/09/2002 thru 9/15/2002

"The Annual Return Of The False Dawn Of Omar Khayyam
And How To Find It Next Week"

Star Gazer : 9/16/2002 thru 9/22/2002

"Weekend Of The Harvest Moon
And The Autumnal Equinox"

Star Gazer : 9/23/2002 thru 9/29/2002

"Venus At Greatest Brilliancy
And Two Wonderful Planets"

Star Gazer : 9/30/2002 thru 10/06/2002

"Mars And Mercury Pair Up
And the Rival Of Mars Says Good Bye"

August 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 8/05/2002 thru 8/11/2002

"Venus Meets The Moon
And The Night Of St. Lawrence's Tears"

Star Gazer : 8/12/2002 thru 8/18/2002

"The Great Mars Approach Begins!
As Mars Prepares For Its Closest Meeting
With Earth In 60,000 Years!"

Star Gazer : 8/19/2002 thru 8/25/2002

"An Ancient Archer Aims His Arrow
At The Heart Of The Scorpion
And The Heart Of The Galaxy"

Star Gazer : 8/26/2002 thru 9/01/2002

"The Summer Triangle Blazes Overhead
For The Labor Day Weekend"

July 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 7/1/2002 thru 7/7/2002

"Earth At Aphelion; Saturn Meets The Moon:
And Venus Meets The Heart of leo"

Star Gazer : 7/8/2002 thru 7/14/2002

"The Two Mairzy Doats and Dozey Doats
And Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius Stars
Of The Cosmos"

Star Gazer : 7/15/2002 thru 7/21/2002

"A Cosmic City Of A Million Stars
And How To Find It"

Star Gazer : 7/22/2002 thru 7/28/2002

"The Wonderful Cat's Eyes Of Summer Skies"

Star Gazer : 7/29/2002 thru 8/04/2002

"How To Get Started In Astronomy
And The Two Comets That Never Were"

June 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 6/3/2002 thru 6/9/2002

"Even Though The Great Planetary Lineup Is Over,
The Super Jupiter/Venus/Moon Sky Show Continues"

Star Gazer : 6/10/2002 thru 6/16/2002

"Day Star Day" : An Annual "Star Gazer" Celebration
Of The Summer Solstice And Our Closest Star"

Star Gazer : 6/17/2002 thru 6/23/2002

"What The Stars Look Like On
The First Nights Of Summer"

Star Gazer : 6/24/2002 thru 6/30/2002

"How To See A Super Special Sky Show
Right After the Fireworks On The 4th Of July"

May 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 5/6/2002 thru 5/12/2002

"May 14 Is Super Venus/Moon Day!
And The Great Planet Gathering
And Dance Continues"

Star Gazer : 5/13/2002 thru 5/19/2002

"Awesome Arcturus : Star Of A Million Years"

Star Gazer : 5/20/2002 thru 5/26/2002

"The Two Brightest Planets Meet
While the Twin Stars Of Gemini Look On"

Star Gazer : 5/27/2002 thru 6/2/2002

"Venus and Jupiter
The Gemini Twins"

April 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 4/1/2002 thru 4/7/2002

"How To Look Back In Time
Using The Most Famous Star Pattern
Of Them All"

Star Gazer : 4/8/2002 thru 4/14/2002

"The Great Planetary Lineup Begins
And You Can Watch It All
With Just The Naked Eye"

Star Gazer : 4/15/2002 thru 4/21/2002

"Celebrate National Astronomy Day This Weekend
With The Best Planetary Lineup In Decades"

Star Gazer : 4/22/2002 thru 4/28/2002

"The Incredible Planetary Pin Ball Game
During The Great Planetary Lineup"

Star Gazer : 4/29/2002 thru 5/5/2002

"Planets In A Super Huddle
The Great Planetary Gathering Continues
And Becomes Even More Spectacular"

March 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 3/04/2002 thru 3/10/2002

"Venus Returns For St. Patrick's Day and
Getting Ready For The Great Planetary Lineup"

Star Gazer : 3/11/2002 thru 3/17/2002

"Why Is Spring Called Spring?
And What Does Spring Have To Do With
The Yellow Line In The Middle Of The Road?"

Star Gazer : 3/18/2002 thru 3/24/2002

"The Second Biggest Full Moon of 2002
Glides Across the Sky With The Brightest Star Of Virgo"

Star Gazer : 3/25/2002 thru 3/31/2002

"Two Sure Signs Of Spring :
Low Lyin' Orion and A High Flyin' Lion "

February 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 2/04/2002 thru 2/10/2002

"A Giant Red Star For Valentine's Day
And How To Find It"

Star Gazer : 2/11/2002 thru 2/17/2002

"The Moon Has Two Super Meetings With
Two Super Planets and Plays
"Now You See It / Now You Don't"
With Saturn""

Star Gazer : 2/18/2002 thru 2/24/2002

"The Two Incredibly Close Full Moons
Of 2002 And The Farthest"

Star Gazer : 2/25/2002 thru 3/03/2002

"Saturn At Its Best Since The 70's"

January 2002 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 1/07/2002 thru 1/13/2002

"The Winter Hexagon And The Summer Triangle
In The Sky At The Same Time,
Right Now In The Dead Of Winter,
Would You Believe?"

Star Gazer : 1/14/2002 thru 1/20/2002

"The Moon Has Two Near Misses
With Two Planets!"

Star Gazer : 1/21/2002 thru 1/27/2002

"The Shoulder And Knee Stars Of
Winter's Most Famous Constellation,
Orion The Hunter"

Star Gazer : 1/28/2002 thru 2/03/2002

"The Wonderful Stars Of Orion's Belt
And How They Turned Me On To Star Gazing"

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