Past Scripts

December 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 12/01/2003 thru 12/07/2003

"A Brilliant Evening Star For The Holidays!
And Catch Mercury Now"

Star Gazer : 12/08/2003 thru 12/14/2003

"3 Cosmic Seasons At A Glance In Mid December"

Star Gazer : 12/15/2003 thru 12/21/2003

"A Breathtaking Pairing Of The Evening Star And The Moon On Christmas Night!
And This Year's Winter Solstice"

Star Gazer : 12/22/2003 thru 12/28/2003

"Saturn At Its Closest, Highest and Best At Midnight New Year's Eve"

Star Gazer : 12/29/2003 thru 1/04/2004

"Four Bright Planets Ring In The New Year"


November 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 11/03/2003 thru 11/09/2003

"Saturn Prepares For Its Best Viewing
Until 2030 On New Years Eve"


Star Gazer : 11/10/2003 thru 11/16/2003

"Leo The Lion Plays Host To The Moon And Jupiter
On The Night of The Leonid Meteor Shower"


Star Gazer : 11/17/2003 thru 11/23/2003

"Earth's Odd Twin Sister Planet Snuggles Up to The Moon
During Thanksgiving Week And Prepares For A Close Meeting"


Star Gazer : 11/24/2003 thru 11/30/2003

"Our Moon Visits Mars,
Venus And Mercury Pair Up Just After Sunset
And Saturn Gets Ready For New Year's Eve"

October 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 10/06/2003 thru 10/12/2003

"The Moon Pays A Visit To Saturn, Winter's Stars Make A Midnight Preview
And Mars Is Still Fabulous But Not For Long"


Star Gazer : 10/13/2003 thru 10/19/2003

"Why Do The Stars Change With The Seasons?
And 2 Cosmic Signs That Fall Is Here"


Star Gazer : 10/20/2003 thru 10/26/2003

"Celebrate Halloween The Cosmic Way Plus
Some Of Halloween's Most Famous Myths And Conceptions"


Star Gazer : 10/27/2003 thru 11/02/2003

"Next Week's Eclipse Of The Frosty Beaver Moon:
The Last Of The Two Total Lunar Eclipses Of 2003"


September 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 9/1/2003 thru 9/7/2003

"Shine On, Shine On Harvest Moon...
Up Over Mars!"

Star Gazer : 9/8/2003 thru 9/14/2003

"A Rapid Sun On The First Days Of Fall
And A Mars Reminder"

Star Gazer : 9/15/2003 thru 9/21/2003

"Celebrate The 1st Day Of Fall With 3 Cosmic Goodies Lined Up In A Row
And An Exquisite Crescent Moon!"

Star Gazer : 9/22/2003 thru 9/28/2003

"How To Get A Planetarium In Your Own Home For Free!"

Star Gazer : 9/29/2003 thru 10/05/2003

"Four Planets Visible And One About To Emerge
Plus The Moon Rides Across The Sky With Mars Again"

August 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 8/04/2003 thru 8/10/2003

"Use The Moon To Find Mars
As Mars Races For Its Closest Meeting
In Almost 60,000 Years
Plus "Sorry About The Perseids"

Star Gazer : 8/11/2003 thru 8/17/2003

"Mars Continues Racing Towards Us
For Its August 27th Meeting
And The Moon Meets The Ringed Planet"

Star Gazer : 8/18/2003 thru 8/24/2003

"Only One Week To Go Until Mars
Reaches Its Brightest
Any Living Human Has Ever Seen It"

Star Gazer : 8/25/2003 thru 8/31/2003

"Mars Closer To Earth This Week In Almost 60,000 Years!
Only Neanderthal Man Has Ever Seen It This Bright!"

July 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 7/07/2003 thru 7/13/2003

"Mars Doubles Its Brightness This Month
As It Races Towards Earth And
Has A Spectacular Meeting
With The Moon On The 17th"

Star Gazer :7/14/2003 thru 7/20/2003

"Jupiter And Mercury Meet And Change Places
And Our Moon Pays A Visit To Saturn"

Star Gazer : 7/21/2003 thru 7/27/2003

"Vega : The Arc Light Of Summer Nights
And The Apex of the Sun's Way"

Star Gazer : 7/28/2003 thru 8/03/2003

"Weird But Wonderful Altair :
The Second Brightest Star Of The Summer Triangle"

June 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 6/02/2003 thru 6/08/2003

"The Inferior Planets Meet On The Summer Solstice,
The First Day Of Summer"

Star Gazer : 6/09/2003 thru 6/15/2003

"Mars Brightens 100% In June
And A Great Triangle
Announces The Beginning Of Summer"

Star Gazer : 6/16/2003 thru 6/22/2003

"Day Star Day : Our Annual Star Gazer Celebration
Of Our Closest Star On The Summer Solstice"

Star Gazer : 6/23/2003 thru 6/29/2003

"The Moon, The King and The Rival Of Mars
And The Sun At Its Dimmest For 2003!"

Star Gazer : 6/30/2003 thru 7/06/2003

""A Super Sky For The 4th Of July!""

May 2003 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 5/05/2003 thru 5/11/2003

"May 15th's Total Lunar Eclipse"

Star Gazer : 5/12/2003 thru 5/18/2003

"Farewell To Orion and Saturn
And Hello, Hello To Mars & The Moon"

Star Gazer : 5/19/2003 thru 5/25/2003

"Leo the Lion : Spring's Awesome Sphinx Of The Heavens
And The Cosmic King Of The Beasts"

Star Gazer : 5/26/2003 thru 6/01/2003

"TheKing Of the Planets And The King Of The Beasts!
Meet The Queen Of The Night Sky"

April 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 4/07/2003 thru 4/13/2003

"The Closest Biggest Brightest Full Moon Of 2003
And Mercury At Its Best For The Year On The Same Night"


Star Gazer : 4/14/2003 thru 4/20/2003

"Five Fine Planets And
A Star That Exploded In 1054 A.D!


Star Gazer : 4/21/2003 thru 4/27/2003

"Two Wonderful Stars Of Spring:
One Racing Toward Us And
The Other Speeding Away!"


Star Gazer : 4/28/2003 thru 5/04/2003

"The Dual Lunar Eclipses of 2003!"

March 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 3/03/2003 thru 3/09/2003

"Taurus the Bull And
His Wonderful Unusual Rider"


Star Gazer : 3/10/2003 thru 3/16/2003

"Happy Vernal Equinox!
Or Have You Ever Wondered Why
We Call Spring, 'Spring'?"


Star Gazer : 3/17/2003 thru 3/23/2003

"The Great Mars / Venus Switch!"


Star Gazer : 3/24/2003 thru 3/30/2003

"Do You Know The Name Of the Brightest Star
We See Most Often?
Hint: It's Weird And Wonderful
And Probably Not What You Think!


Star Gazer : 3/31/2003 thru 4/06/2003

"The Moon Visits Three Planets
And A Cosmic Beehive of Stars

February 2003 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 2/03/2003 thru 2/09/2003

"Using The Moon To Find The Two Largest Planets"

Star Gazer : 2/10/2003 thru 2/16/2003

"The Valentine's Day Star and
A Sky Full Of Goodies For Valentine's Day Night"

Star Gazer : 2/17/2003 thru 2/23/2003

"A Mars And Venus Update and
How To Find Them Using The Moon Next Week"

Star Gazer : 2/24/2003 thru 3/02/2003

"I Eat Green Caterpillars"
Whenever I Look At Jupiter

January 2003 (Click Here)


Star Gazer : 1/06/2003 thru 1/12/2003

"The Moon Meets the 2 Biggest Planets At Their Best
Among Winter's Brightest Stars"


Star Gazer : 1/13/2003 thru 1/19/2003

"How To See Something 20,000 Times The Size
Of Our Solar System With Just The Naked Eye"


Star Gazer : 1/20/2003 thru 1/26/2003

"The God Of War And His Rival Make An Exquisite Triangle
With The Goddess of Love In Late January Mornings"


Star Gazer : 1/27/2003 thru 2/02/2003

"Punxsutawney Phil And the King Of the Planets,
Candlemas And the First Cross Quarter Day Of 2003"

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