Past Scripts

December 2004 ( Click Here)


Star Gazer : 12/06/2004 thru 12/12/2004

"How To Watch Next Week's Geminid
Asteroid Meteor Shower"

Star Gazer : 12/13/2004 thru 12/19/2004

"The Winter Solstice And Why The Shortest Day Of The Year
Doesn't Feel Like The Shortest Day Of the Year"

Star Gazer : 12/20/2004 thru 12/26/2004

"A Spectacular Early Morning Sky Show For The Holidays!"

Star Gazer : 12/27/2004 thru 1/02/2005

"Celebrate New Year's Eve With
The New Year's Eve Star"



November 2004 ( Click Here)

Star Gazer : 11/01/2004 thru 11/07/2004

"Star Gazer Turns 28 And The Moon Visits Three Planets
And A Lovely Star In Predawn Skies"

Star Gazer : 11/08/2004 thru 11/14/2004

"Leo The Lion's Meteor Shower Will Definitely Not Roar
This Year But You May Find It A-meew-zing"

Star Gazer : 11/15/2004 thru 11/21/2004

"The Lord Of The Rings And The Gemini Twins"

Star Gazer : 11/22/2004 thru 11/28/2004

"A Full Beaver Moon And Three Cosmic Birds
For Thanksgiving Weekend"

Star Gazer : 11/29/2004 thru 12/05/2004

"Venus Has A Super Close Meeting With Mars
And The Moon Plays 'Hide The Biggest Planet' "


October 2004 ( Click Here)

Star Gazer : 10/04/2004 thru 10/10/2004

"Autumn's Great Cosmic Square Replaces
Summer's Great Cosmic Triangle"

Star Gazer : 10/11/2004 thru 10/17/2004

"A Tale Of Two Planets: Get Ready For A Super Close Meeting
Of The Two Brightest"

Star Gazer : 10/18/2004 thru 10/24/2004

"Don't Miss October 27th's 'Eclipse of The Hunter's Moon'
Because It Will Be The Last Total Lunar Eclipse
For 2 1/2 Years"

Star Gazer : 10/25/2004 thru 10/31/2004

"Don't Miss Next Week's Super Close Meeting Of The Two Brightest Planets
Followed By An Exquisite Visit To Each By A Very Old Moon"

September 2004 ( Click Here)

Star Gazer : 9/06/2004 thru 9/12/2004

"The World Will Not End On Sept. 29th!
(Even Though A Rather Large Asteroid
Will Make Its Closest Approach"

Star Gazer : 9/13/2004 thru 9/19/2004

"Next Week's Autumnal Equinox:
What It's Really All About And
One Very Obvious Effect It Will Have On You"

Star Gazer : 9/20/2004 thru 9/26/2004

"The Five Nights Of The Harvest Moon!
And Two Fun Things You Can Do With It!"

Star Gazer : 9/27/2004 thru 10/03/2004

"The Goddess of Love Pays A Super Close Visit
To The Heart Of Leo The Lion
And An Old Moon Makes A Foursome With Saturn And Gemini"


August 2004 ( Click Here)

Star Gazer : 8/02/2004 thru 8/08/2004

"Don't Miss Next Week's Annual Perseid Meteor Shower"

Star Gazer : 8/09/2004 thru 8/15/2004

"Jupiter Cozies Up To The Moon And
The False Dawn Of Omar Khayyam"

Star Gazer : 8/16/2004 thru 8/22/2004

"The Moon Pays A Super Close Visit To A Humongous Star
And Two Cat's Eyes Stare In Summer Skies"

Star Gazer : 8/23/2004 thru 8/29/2004

"The 2nd And The 6th Planet Have A Super Close Meeting On Aug. 31st And Sept. 1st"

Star Gazer : 8/30/2004 thru 9/05/2004

"September 10th Is the Day When The Moon, Venus and Saturn Form
A Super Triangle And Mercury Bumps Into The Heart Of The Lion"

July 2004 ( Click Here)


Star Gazer : 7/05/2004 thru 7/11/2004

"Next Week The Morning Star Reaches
Its Greatest Brilliancy"

Star Gazer : 7/12/2004 thru 7/18/2004

"Planet Hopping With the Moon This July!"


Star Gazer : 7/19/2004 thru 7/25/2004

"The Moon Visits My Favorite Summer Star And Constellation!"


Star Gazer : 7/26/2004 thru 8/01/2004

"How To Find The Heart Of The Scorpion And The Heart Of Our Galaxy
With A Cosmic Bow And Arrow"


June 2004 ( Click Here)


Star Gazer : 5/31/2004 thru 6/06/2004

"Venus Crosses The Sun! A Rare Cosmic Spectacle
No Living Human Has Ever Seen"

Star Gazer : 6/07/2004 thru 6/13/2004

"Star Gazing On The Shortest Nights of the YEar"

Star Gazer : 6/14/2004 thru 6/20/2004

"Celebrate Day Star Day! On The Summer Solstice
This Sunday, June 20th"

Star Gazer : 6/21/2004 thru 6/27/2004

"The ' Three Tenors' Of Summer : A Stellar Trio
To Brighten Your Nights!"

Star Gazer : 6/28/2004 thru 7/04/2004

"The Earth At Aphelion And
Two Super Close Meetings Of Four Cosmic Goodies"


May 2004 ( Click Here)

Star Gazer : 5/03/2004 thru 5/09/2004

"A ' NEAT' Little Comet For Yor Weekend Viewing ... Maybe!"

Star Gazer : 5/10/2004 thru 5/16/2004

"A Waxing Moon Visits Three Planets And the Gemini Twins"

Star Gazer : 5/17/2004 thru 5/23/2004

"A First Quarter Moon Revisits The King Of The Planets And The King Of The Beasts
Plus Catch Venus Before It Disappears!"

Star Gazer : 5/24/2004 thru 5/30/2004

"The Biggest Full Moon Of The Year Rides Across The Sky
With One Of The Biggest Stars In Our Galaxy"

Star Gazer : 5/31/2004 thru 6/06/2004

"Venus Crosses The Sun! A Rare Cosmic Spectacle
No Living Human Has Ever Seen"

April 2004 ( Click Here)

Star Gazer : 4/05/2004 thru 4/11/2004

"Arcturus To Spica : Two Super Stars
And How To Find Them As Easy As "Big Dipper" Pie!"

Star Gazer : 4/12/2004 thru 4/18/2004

"Celebrate National Astronomy Day Saturday April 24th
And Watch The Moon Visit Three Planets During Astronomy Week"

Star Gazer : 4/19/2004 thru 4/25/2004

"Celebrate National Astronomy Day This Saturday Plus
The King Of The Planets Meets The King Of The Beasts
And The Moon Visits Both"

Star Gazer : 4/26/2004 thru 5/02/2004

"Venus Has Its Best Year Since 1882!
And Reaches Its Greatest Brilliancy This Sunday May 2nd!"

March 2004 ( Click Here)


Star Gazer : 3/1/2004 thru 3/7/2004

"Orion's Belt: Three Of My Favorite Stars
With Really Nifty names"

Star Gazer : 3/8/2004 thru 3/14/2004

"The Astronomical Explanation For The Vernal Equinox
And Why The Yellow Line In The Middle Of The Road
Is So Much Fun On The First Day Of Spring"

Star Gazer : 3/15/2004 thru 3/21/2004

"All Five Naked Eye Planets Visible At The Same Time The Last Week Of March.
Plus Each One is Visited By The Moon"

Star Gazer : 3/22/2004 thru 3/28/2004

"The Goddess Of Love Pays A Visit To The Seven Sisters"

Star Gazer : 3/29/2004 thru 4/04/2004

"Two Celestial Signs Of Spring :
A High Flyin' Lion And A Low Lyin' Orion"



February 2004 ( Click Here)

Star Gazer : 2/02/2004 thru 2/08/2004

"How To Find The Brightest And Most Jewel-like Star In The Night Sky"


Star Gazer : 2/09/2004 thru 2/15/2004

"The Goddess Of Love And
The Valentine's Day Star"


Star Gazer : 2/16/2004 thru 2/22/2004

"Our Nearest Neighbor Pays A Visit
To Three Early Evening Planets"


Star Gazer : 2/23/2004 thru 2/29/2004

"The King Of The Planets At Its Biggest And Brightest For 2004
Meets The King Of The Constellations!"

January 2004 (Click Here)

Star Gazer : 1/05/2004 thru 1/11/2004

"Four Bright Planets Dazzle January Evenings
Plus An Easy Way To Find The 7th Planet"


Star Gazer : 1/12/2004 thru 1/18/2004

"Orion And His Rival Plus The Moon Meets Antares"


Star Gazer : 1/19/2004 thru 1/25/2004

"2 Super Meetings : Our Moon With Venus
And Our Moon With Mars"


Star Gazer : 1/26/2004 thru 2/01/2004

"The 6th Planet Runs Rings Around Punxsutawney Phil
On Groundhog Day Night"

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