"Star Gazer" Show Scripts

December 2005


Star Gazer : 12/05/2005 thru 12/11/2005

"The Closest Planet To The Sun Is At Its Best
The Second Week Of December"

Star Gazer : 12/12/2005 thru 12/18/2005

"Why Is The Winter Solstice Called The Winter Solstice
And What's It All About Anyway?"

Star Gazer : 12/19/2005 thru 12/25/2005

"Four Fabulous Planets For The Holidays"

Star Gazer : 12/26/2005 thru 1/01/2006

"Celebrate New Year's Eve With The New Year's Eve Star"



November 2005

Star Gazer : 11/07/2005 thru 11/13/2005

"Mars Still At Its Brightest Is Joined By The Moon"

Star Gazer : 11/14/2005 thru 11/20/2005

"Queen Cassiopeia : A Case of Vanity And Its Cosmic Reward"

Star Gazer : 11/21/2005 thru 11/27/2005

"Super Bright Mars And Venus Share The Sky With
Three Cosmic Birds For Thanksgiving"

Star Gazer : 11/28/2005 thru 12/04/2005

"Mars Still At Its Brightest; Mercury, Venus And the Moon;
And Saturn Rises Before Midnight"

October 2005

Star Gazer : 10/03/2005 thru 10/09/2005

"Venus And Mars' Rival Pay Each Other A Very Close Visit"


Star Gazer : 10/10/2005 thru 10/16/2005

"Venus Visits Antares And October's Wonderful Hunter's Moon
Visits Mars And The Seven Sisters"


Star Gazer : 10/17/2005 thru 10/23/2005

"Celebrate This Halloween With Mars At Its Brightest Until 2018
Accompanied By The Seven Sisters"

Star Gazer : 10/24/2005 thru 10/30/2005

"Mars Is At Its Biggest, Brightest And Closest
This Halloween Weekend"

Star Gazer : 10/31/2005 thru 11/06/2005

"Mars Still At Its Brightest; Mercury, Venus And the Moon;
And Saturn Rises Before Midnight"

September 2005


Star Gazer : 9/05/2005 thru 9/11/2005

"The False Dawn Of Omar Khayyam:
What It Is And How To Find It"


Star Gazer : 9/12/2005 thru 9/18/2005

"Weekend Of The Harvest Moon
And How To Use The Moon To Find Mars "


Star Gazer : 9/19/2005 thru 9/25/2005

"The Sun During The First Week Of Autumn
The Moon Visits Saturn And A Mars Update"

Star Gazer : 9/26/2005 thru 10/02/2005

"The Moon Visits The Goddess Of Love And The Rival Of Mars
Plus Mars Becomes Master Of The Eastern Sky"


August 2005


Star Gazer : 8/1/2005 thru 8/7/2005

"Next Week The Moon Visits The Two Brightest Planets
And The Perseid Meteor Shower Visits Earth"


Star Gazer : 8/8/2005 thru 8/14/2005

"Use The Moon This Weekend To Find
My Two Favorite Summer Constellations"


Star Gazer : 8/15/2005 thru 8/21/2005

"A Preview Of Winter's Stars In August
And Saturn And Mercury Are Visited By The Moon"


Star Gazer : 8/22/2005 thru 8/28/2005

"The Two Brightest Planets Have A Super Close Meeting
And Mars Doubles In Brightness"


Star Gazer : 8/29/2005 thru 9/04/2005

"The Three Brightest Planets In Early Evening
And The Ringed Planet In Early Morning"


July 2005

Star Gazer : 7/04/2005 thru 7/10/2005

"Venus And Mercury Continue Their Pas De Deux,
And The Moon Visits Regulus And Jupiter"


Star Gazer : 7/11/2005 thru 7/17/2005

"The Moon Hides A Giant Red Star
And Venus Visits A Blue Star"

Star Gazer : 7/18/2005 thru 7/24/2005

"Use The Moon To Find Mars Which Is Now Brighter
Than Almost All The Stars In The Sky"


Star Gazer : 7/25/2005 thru 7/31/2005

"The Three Bright Stars Of The Summer Triangle
Ride High In August's Night Sky"

June 2005

Star Gazer : 6/06/2005 thru 6/12/2005

"Why Do The Stars Move Hour After Hour, Season After Season?"


Star Gazer : 6/13/2005 thru 6/19/2005

"Just What Is A Star Anyway ... And How Far Away Are They?"


Star Gazer : 6/20/2005 thru 6/26/2005

"An Absolutely Spectacular Super Close Meeting
Of Three Planets Occurs This Week And Next"


Star Gazer : 6/27/2005 thru 7/03/2005

"The First Ten Days Of July Are Fantastic For Planet Gazers"

May 2005


Star Gazer : 5/02/2005 thru 5/08/2005

"Arc to Arcturus, Then Speed On To Spica,
An Easy Way To Find Two Wonderful Stars By Using The Big Dipper"

Star Gazer : 5/09/2005 thru 5/15/2005

"How To Use Planet # 4 to Find Planet #7 This Weekend"

Star Gazer : 5/16/2005 thru 5/22/2005

Star Gazer's "Star Gazing For Beginners" Part 1"

Star Gazer : 5/23/2005 thru 5/29/2005

"Three Wonderful Planets And Several Bright Stars
For Your Memorial Day Weekend"

Star Gazer : 5/30/2005 thru 6/05/2005

"An Absolutely Spectacular Month For Venus, Saturn And Mercury"


April 2005

Star Gazer : 4/04/2005 thru 4/10/2005

"An Exquisite Crescent Moon Pays
A Very Close Visit To The Pleiades The Seven Sisters"


Star Gazer : 4/11/2005 thru 4/17/2005

"Get Ready For National Astronomy Day
This Saturday April 16th! The Biggest And Best yet"


Star Gazer : 4/18/2005 thru 4/24/2005

"Jupiter Is At Its Closest To Earth
And Farthest From The Sun This Month"


Star Gazer : 4/25/2005 thru 5/01/2005

"An Update On One Of The Most Beloved
Star Patterns In The Heavens : The Big Dipper"

March 2005

Star Gazer : 3/07/2005 thru 3/13/2005

"Mercury At Its Very Best For 2005!"


Star Gazer : 3/14/2005 thru 3/20/2005

"Find The Two Largest Planets
The Next Two Weekends Using the Moon"


Star Gazer : 3/21/2005 thru 3/27/2005

"Happy First Day Of Spring To You
And Happy New Year To America's Founding Fathers"


Star Gazer : 3/28/2005 thru 4/03/2005

"Jupiter At Its Best Sunday Night The 3rd
Find Mars With The Moon On The 4th
And A Partial Eclipse Of The Sun On The 8th"

February 2005


Star Gazer : 2/07/2005 thru 2/13/2005

"Give Your Love Three Cosmic Jewels This Valentine's Day"


Star Gazer : 2/14/2005 thru 2/20/2005

"Some Nifty Celestial Triangles For Early Evening And Early Morning Viewing"


Star Gazer : 2/21/2005 thru 2/27/2005

"Our Newest Cosmic Neighbor Occults And Hides
The Second Biggest Star We Can See With The Naked Eye"


Star Gazer : 2/28/2005 thru 3/06/2005

"The Three Wonderful Stars Of The Winter Triangle"

January 2005

Star Gazer : 1/03/2005 thru 1/09/2005

"All Five Of The Naked Eye Planets
Ring In The New Year"


Star Gazer : 1/10/2005 thru 1/16/2005

"Saturn Is At Opposition This Week
And At Its Closest, Brightest and Biggest For The Entire Year"


Star Gazer : 1/17/2005 thru 1/23/2005

"How To Have A Bit Of Fun With
The Smallest Full Moon Of The Year Next Week"


Star Gazer : 1/24/2005 thru 1/30/2005

"Punxsutawney Phil Is Joined By Two Celestial Tongue Twisters
And Other Sky Goodies On Groundhog Day Morn"


Star Gazer : 1/31/2005 thru 2/06/2005

"Saturn Takes Center Stage Among Winter's Hexagon Of Bright Stars!"

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