Past Scripts

December 2007

Star Gazer : 12/03/2007 thru 12/09/2007

"Next Week's Geminid/Asteroid Shower Should Be A Real Goodie"

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Star Gazer : 12/10/2007 thru 12/16/2007

"The Moon At Perigee, The Moon At Its Highest, Mars At Its Best And The Winter Solstice"

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Star Gazer : 12/17/2007 thru 12/23/2007

"What Do Santa Claus, The Moon And Mars Have In Common?"

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Star Gazer : 12/24/2007 thru 12/30/2007

"Ring In The New Year With Star Gazer's Special New Year's Eve Star"

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Star Gazer : 12/31/2007 thru 1/06/2008

"The Wonderful Cosmic Red Triangle Of January 2008"

November 2007

Star Gazer : 11/05/2007 thru 11/11/2007

"How To Look Back In Time Over 2 Million Years Ago"

Star Gazer : 11/12/2007 thru 11/18/2007

"A Super Easy To Find Constellation :
Cassiopeia The Queen"

Star Gazer : 11/19/2007 thru 11/25/2007

"Three Cosmic Birds For Thanksgiving Week
And The Moon Meets Mars"

Star Gazer : 11/26/2007 thru 12/02/2007

"Mars At Its Closest And Brightest Until 2016 This December!"

October 2007

Star Gazer : 10/01/2007 thru 10/07/2007

"The Moon Visits An Exquisite Cosmic Trio This Weekend"

Star Gazer : 10/08/2007 thru 10/14/2007

"The Moon Meets The King Of The Planets
And An Emperor Star"

Star Gazer : 10/15/2007 thru 10/21/2007

"Next Week's Hunter's Moon Is The Closest,

Biggest And Brightest Full Moon Of The Year"

Star Gazer : 10/22/2007 thru 10/28/2007

"Celebrate Halloween With The Seven Sinister Sisters"

Star Gazer : 10/29/2007 thru 11/04/2007

"The Moon Visits Three Morning Planets
And Two Lovely Stars"

September 2007

Star Gazer : 9/03/2007 thru 9/09/2007

"The Morning Star Reaches Its Greatest Brilliancy
And Pairs Up With The Moon This Weekend"

Star Gazer : 9/10/2007 thru 9/16/2007

"An Alert To Drivers On Next Wednesday's Autumnal Equinox"

Star Gazer : 9/17/2007 thru 9/23/2007

"The Harvest Moon And Two Fun Things You Can Do With It"

Star Gazer : 9/24/2007 thru 9/30/2007

"Mars Will Be At Its Closest And Brightest This Christmas!
So Start Your Mars Watch Now!"

August 2007

Star Gazer : 8/06/2007 thru 8/12/2007

"The Night Of St. Lawrence's Tears"

Star Gazer : 8/13/2007 thru 8/19/2007

"How To Use Sagittarius' Bow And Arrow
To Find The Heart Of The Scorpion And
The Heart of Our Galaxy"

Star Gazer : 8/20/2007 thru 8/26/2007

"Don't Miss Next Week's Eclipse Of The Sturgeon Moon"
The Last Of The Dual Eclipses Of 2007"

Star Gazer : 8/27/2007 thru 9/02/2007

"Start A Labor Day Tradition
With A Giant Cosmic Triangle Overhead"

July 2007

Star Gazer : 7/02/2007 thru 7/08/2007

"Three Planets For Independence Week
And Our Earth At Aphelion"

Star Gazer : 7/09/2007 thru 7/15/2007

"The Moon And Saturn, Venus And Regulus:
A Cosmic Quad For Your Viewing Delight"

Star Gazer : 7/16/2007 thru 7/22/2007

"The King Of The Planets Visits My Favorite
Summer Star And Constellation"

Star Gazer : 7/23/2007 thru 7/29/2007

"The Cat On The Scorpion's Tail"

Star Gazer : 7/30/2007 thru 8/05/2007

"Getting Ready For The Perseid Meteor Shower
And Mars' Closest Approach During Christmas Week"

June 2007

Star Gazer : 6/04/2007 thru 6/10/2007

"This Week Jupiter Is At Its Closest, Biggest And Brightest For The Entire Year!"

Star Gazer : 6/11/2007 thru 6/17/2007

"Use The Moon To Find Two Planets And A Star"

Star Gazer : 6/18/2007 thru 6/24/2007

"Star Gazing On The First Nights Of Summer, 2007"

Star Gazer : 6/25/2007 thru 7/01/2007

"A Super Close Meeting Of The Goddess Of Love
And The Lord Of The Rings This Weekend!"

May 2007

Star Gazer : 5/07/2007 thru 5/13/2007

"The Moon Visits The Two Planets Closest To The Sun"

Star Gazer : 5/14/2007 thru 5/20/2007

"A Venus/Moon Spectacular This Saturday And
The Moon Visits Saturn And Regulus On Tuesday"

Star Gazer : 5/21/2007 thru 5/27/2007

"A Super Five Planet Parade For Memorial Day Weekend"

Star Gazer : 5/28/2007 thru 6/03/2007

"A Tale Of Two Planets And Two Stars"

April 2007

Star Gazer : 4/02/2007 thru 4/08/2007

"The Goddess Of Love Visits The Seven Sisters"

Star Gazer : 4/09/2007 thru 4/15/2007

"The Moon And Venus And The Red Eye Of Taurus The Bull
Meet In A Cosmic Triangle"

Star Gazer : 4/16/2007 thru 4/22/2007

"Celebrate National Astronomy Day This Saturday
And Watch The Moon Visit Gemini, Saturn And Leo Next Week"

Star Gazer : 4/23/2007 thru 4/29/2007

"How To Find Uranus Using Mars As A Finder"

Star Gazer : 4/30/2007 thru 5/06/2007

"Spring's Royal Sphinx Dominates Early Evening Skies"

March 2007

Star Gazer : 3/05/2007 thru 3/11/2007

"Three Of My Favorite Stars With Really Nifty Names"

Star Gazer : 3/12/2007 thru 3/18/2007

"The Moon And Venus Make An Exquisite Showing On The First Night Of Spring Plus
A Super Close Pairing Of The Moon And Saturn"

Star Gazer : 3/19/2007 thru 3/25/2007

"Happy Spring Of The Leaf! And Happy Spring Of The Year"

Star Gazer : 3/26/2007 thru 4/01/2007

"The King Of The Planets And An Emperor Star
Plus The Farthest Full Moon Of The Year"

February 2007

Star Gazer : 2/05/2007 thru 2/11/2007

"This Week The Ringed Planet Saturn Is At Its Biggest, Brightest And Closest For the Entire Year"

Star Gazer : 2/12/2007 thru 2/18/2007

"The Goddess Of Love, The Lord Of The Rings, And The Valentine's Day Star"

Star Gazer : 2/19/2007 thru 2/25/2007

"Some Fun Stuff About Saturn Which Is Still
At Its Biggest, Brightest And Almost Closest For The Entire year"

Star Gazer : 2/26/2007 thru 3/04/2007

"The Wonder And Majesty Of
The Four Brightest Stars Of Orion The Hunter"

January 2007

Star Gazer : 1/01/2007 thru 1/07/2007

"Use The Moon To Find The Ringed Planet
And The Heart Of Leo The Lion"

Star Gazer : 1/08/2007 thru 1/14/2007

"Use The Moon To Find The Biggest Planet
And An Even Bigger Star"

Star Gazer : 1/15/2007 thru 1/21/2007

"Which Season Is The Longest? And
Which Is Shortest? Spring, Summer, Autumn Or Winter"

Star Gazer : 1/22/2007 thru 1/28/2007

"Three Pretty Planets For Your Early Evening Pleasure"

Star Gazer : 1/29/2007 thru 2/04/2007

"How To Find The Most Wonderful "Star" Of Winter
Which Isn't A Star At All"

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