Past Scripts

December 2008

Star Gazer : 12/01/2008 thru 12/07/2008

"Get Ready For The Largest And Closest Full Moon Of 2008
Followed By The Largest And Closest Full Moon Of 2009"

Star Gazer : 12/08/2008 thru 12/14/2008

"Why Doesn't The Shortest Day Of The Year
Feel Like The Shortest Day Of The Year?"

Star Gazer : 12/15/2008 thru 12/21/2008

"The So-Called "Christmas Star" Returns
Accompanied By A Companion"

Star Gazer : 12/22/008 thru 12/28/2008

"Special Cosmic Goodies For Christmas Week!
And A Super Special Occurrence For New Year's Eve!"

Star Gazer : 12/29/2008 thru 1/04/2009

"Welcome In 2009 With The Brightest Planet And
The Brightest Star Plus The Lord Of The Rings"

November 2008

Star Gazer : 11/03/2008 thru 11/09/2008

"The Exquisite Double Star Cluster Beloved By Ancient Emperors"

Star Gazer : 11/10/2008 thru 11/16/2008

"Watch The Two Brightest Planets Race Toward Each Other For A Super Close Meeting"

Star Gazer : 11/17/2008 thru 11/23/2008

"The Return Of Three Cosmic Birds For Thanksgiving
And The Two Brightest Planets Meet"

Star Gazer : 11/24/2008 thru 11/30/2008

"The Three Brightest Night Time Objects Meet
In A Terrific Extraterrestrial Trio"

October 2008

Star Gazer : 10/06/2008 thru 10/12/2008

"The Hunter's Moon, Mercury At Its Best,
Jupiter The King And UFO Alert!""

Star Gazer : 10/13/2008 thru 10/19/2008

"How To Use The Moon To Find The Ringed Planet
Just Before Sunrise""

Star Gazer : 10/20/2008 thru 10/26/2008

"An Exquisite Moon Pays A Visit To The Two
Brightest Planets, Starting on Halloween"

Star Gazer : 10/27/2008 thru 11/02/2008

"The Seven Sinister Sisters Fly High Across
The Sky At Midnight On Halloween"

September 2008

Star Gazer : 9/01/2008 thru 9/07/2008

"Mars And Venus Slam Into Each Other!
And Uranus At Its Closest And Brightest For The Entire Year"

Star Gazer : 9/08/2008 thru 9/14/2008

"The Great Harvest Moon Illusion And
How You Can Prove It's An Illusion"

Star Gazer : 9/15/2008 thru 9/21/2008

"The Super Bright Star Which Shines Overhead
Every Year On The Autumnal Equinox"

Star Gazer : 9/22/2008 thru 9/28/2008

"The Return Of The False Dawn Of Omar Khayyam"

Star Gazer : 9/29/2008 thru 10/05/2008

"Say Farewell To Summer's Cosmic Triangle
And Welcome Autumn's Cosmic Square"

August 2008

Star Gazer : 8/04/2008 thru 8/10/2008

"Don't Miss Next Week's Night Of St. Lawrence's Tears / Perseid Meteor Shower"

Star Gazer : 8/11/2008 thru 8/17/2008

"See If You Can See All 8 Planets This Week"

Star Gazer : 8/18/2008 thru 8/24/2008

"Next Week Is The Perfect Time To See The Milky Way In All Its Wonder"

Star Gazer : 8/25/2008 thru 8/31/2008

"Celebrate September With A Triangle Of Planets!
And Love And War Meet"

July 2008

Star Gazer : 7/07/2008 thru 7/13/2008

"This Week Jupiter is At Its Closest, Biggest And Brightest For 2008!"

Star Gazer : 7/14/2008 thru 7/20/2008

"Summer Skies At Night Are Sheer Delight... So See Them Now!""

Star Gazer : 7/21/2008 thru 7/27/2008

"The King Of The Planets And An Emperor Star
Dominate Southern Summer Skies"

Star Gazer : 7/28/2008 thru 8/03/2008

"How To Find The Two Comets That Never Were"

June 2008

Star Gazer : 6/02/2008 thru 6/08/2008

"Bootes And The Brightest Star That Opened The World's Fair Of 1933"

Star Gazer : 6/09/2008 thru 6/15/2008

"Celebrate Day Star Day On Summer Solstice Weekend"

Star Gazer : 6/16/2008 thru 6/22/2008

"Why Is The First Day Of Summer Called The Summer Solstice?"

Star Gazer : 6/23/2008 thru 6/29/2008

"A Sky Full Of Wonders For Your 4th Of July Independence Day Week"

Star Gazer : 6/30/2008 thru 7/06/2008

"See Mars And Saturn At Their Closest Until 2022"


May 2008

Star Gazer : 5/05/2008 thru 5/11/2008

"Don't Miss Mercury At Its Best This Week And Next"

Star Gazer : 5/12/2008 thru 5/18/2008

"Mars And The Manger And The Beehive"

Star Gazer : 5/19/2008 thru 5/25/2008

"The Ringed Planet And Two Great Stars For Memorial Day Weekend"

Star Gazer : 5/26/2008 thru 6/01/2008

"An Exquisite Moon Visits Two Evening Planets And A Great Star!"

April 2008

Star Gazer : 4/07/2008 thru 4/13/2008

"Don't Miss The Mars And Gemini Twins Cosmic Triangle"

Star Gazer : 4/14/2008 thru 4/20/2008

"Fun With The Big Dipper In April"

Star Gazer : 4/21/2008 thru 4/27/2008

"The Naked Truth About The North Star"

Star Gazer : 4/28/2008 thru 5/04/2008

"Planet #1 At Its Best Evening Viewing For 2008!
And Celebrate National Astronomy Day"

March 2008

Star Gazer : 3/03/2008 thru 3/09/2008

"The Two Stars Above And The Two Stars Below
The Fabled Belt Stars Of Orion"

Star Gazer : 3/10/2008 thru 3/16/2008

"The Gibbous Moon Meets The Heart Of Leo
And The Lord Of The Rings
And Mars Is Super High At Sunset"

Star Gazer : 3/17/2008 thru 3/23/2008

"A Pithy Poem For The First Day Of Spring"

Star Gazer : 3/24/2008 thru 3/30/2008

"Leo The Lion Chases Orion"

Star Gazer : 3/31/2008 thru 4/06/2008

"April 8th's Occult Occurrence:
Watch The Moon Hide The Seven Sisters"

February 2008

Star Gazer : 2/04/2008 thru 2/10/2008

"The Moon And Mars And The Valentine's Star"

Star Gazer : 2/11/2008 thru 2/17/2008

"Don't Miss Next Week's Total Eclipse Of The Moon"

Star Gazer : 2/18/2008 thru 2/24/2008

"See The Beautiful Ringed Planet At Its Very Best For 2008, This Weekend"

Star Gazer : 2/25/2008 thru 3/02/2008

" Orion The Hunter's Wonderful "Fuzzy" Star"

January 2008

Star Gazer : 1/07/2008 thru 1/13/2008

"The Two Brightest Planets Prepare For A Super Close Meeting On Feb. 1st!"

Star Gazer : 1/14/2008 thru 1/20/2008

"See Mars And The Red Triangle Now!
And Compare The Red Planet With The Brightest Star!"

Star Gazer : 1/21/2008 thru 1/27/2008

"Next Week Is The Week When The Two Brightest Planets Meet!"

Star Gazer : 1/28/2008 thru 2/03/2008

"How To Use Orion The Hunter To Find His Two Hunting Dogs"

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