Past Scripts
December 2009

Star Gazer : 12/07/2009 thru 12/13/2009

"Don't Miss The Best Meteor Shower Of The Year Next Week!
And How To Find Neptune Using Jupiter"

Star Gazer : 12/14/2009 thru 12/20/2009

"Next Monday Dec. 21st Is The Day Of The Winter Solstice...
But What's It All About Anyway?"

Star Gazer : 12/21/2009 thru 12/27/2009

"Howl In The Blue Full Moon This New Year's Eve!
And You May Win A Telescope!"

Star Gazer : 12/28/2009 thru 1/03/2010

"Mars Races Toward Earth For A Close Meeting
And A "New Year's Eve Blue Moon Howl-In Reminder"

November 2009

Star Gazer : 11/02/2009 thru 11/08/2009

"The Lost Rings Of Saturn Return, An Aging Moon

Visits Two Planets And Virgo's Brightest Star"

Star Gazer : 11/09/2009 thru 11/15/2009

"Predictions Are For A Really Good Leonid Meteor Shower Next Week!"

Star Gazer : 11/16/2009 thru 11/22/2009

"The Queen Of November Nights Rides High On Thanksgiving"

Star Gazer : 11/23/2009 thru 11/29/2009

"Thanksgiving Week's Stars And Start Your Mars Watch Now"

Star Gazer : 11/30/2009 thru 12/06/2009

"Dates To Remember In December : Several Cosmic Goodies

Await Your Viewing Pleasure"

October 2009

Star Gazer : 10/05/2009 thru 10/11/2009

"Mars And The Gemini Twins Line Up In A Row,
Venus and Saturn Pair Up Super Close,
And An Exquisite Moon Watches It All"

Star Gazer : 10/12/2009 thru 10/18/2009

"Autumn's Flying Horse Of The Heavens And
An Ancient Portal To Paradise"

Star Gazer : 10/19/2009 thru 10/25/2009

"Mars And The Manger Plus The God Of War Steps Into A Cosmic Beehive
Just As You Set Your Clocks Back To Standard Time"

Star Gazer : 10/26/2009 thru 11/01/2009

"Our Annual Seven Sinister Sisters Halloween Show"

September 2009

Star Gazer : 9/07/2009 thru 9/13/2009

"The Moon Visits Two Planets And
Venus Almost Slams Into Leo The Lion"

Star Gazer : 9/14/2009 thru 9/20/2009

"Find The False Dawn Of Omar Khayyam
The Last Two Weeks Of This September"

Star Gazer : 9/21/2009 thru 9/27/2009

"The Mystery Of The Wandering Stars"

Star Gazer : 9/28/2009 thru 10/04/2009

"Two Weird Ways To Have Fun
With The Harvest Moon Illusion"

August 2009

Star Gazer : 8/3/2009 thru 8/9/2009

"Jupiter At Its Biggest, Brightest And Closest To Earth
Since The Beginning Of The 21 st Century"

Star Gazer : 8/10/2009 thru 8/16/2009

"The Two False Comets Of Scorpius And
How To Find Them"

Star Gazer : 8/17/2009 thru 8/23/2009

"The Planet King Dazzles And How To Use The Moon
To Find One Of The Largest Visible Stars"

Star Gazer : 8/24/2009 thru 8/30/2009

"How To Find Mars During This Week's Annual Celebration Of The Great Mars Myth And Misunderstanding"

Star Gazer : 8/31/2009 thru 9/06/2009

"Celebrate Labor Day The Cosmic Way With A Giant Triangle Of Stars Overhead"

July 2009

Star Gazer : 7/6/2009 thru 7/12/2009

"The Moon Pays A Visit To The Seven Sisters, The God Of War,
The Goddess Of Love And The Bull's Eye"

Star Gazer : 7/13/2009 thru 7/19/2009

"My Favorite And Almost Everyone's Favorite Summer Constellation"

Star Gazer : 7/20/2009 thru 7/26/2009

"The Pussy Cat And The Scorpion : A Strange Tale Of A Tail"

Star Gazer : 7/27/2009 thru 8/2/2009

"How To Find Two Wonders Of Summer Skies :
The Heart Of The Scorpion And The Heart Of The Galaxy"

June 2009

Star Gazer : 6/01/2009 thru 6/07/2009

"How to Find The Two Largest Planets Using The Moon As A Finder"

Star Gazer : 6/08/2009 thru 6/14/2009

"Join Us In Our Annual Day Star Day Celebration
This Summer Solstice Weekend"

Star Gazer : 6/15/2009 thru 6/21/2009

"Mars And Venus Are At Their Closest On The Summer Solstice, The First Day Of Summer!"

Star Gazer : 6/22/2009 thru 6/28/2009

"The Wonderful Stars Of Summer And How To Find Them"

Star Gazer : 6/29/2009 thru 7/5/2009

"Earth At Aphelion On The 4th Of July And The Reason For The Seasons"


May 2009

Star Gazer : 5/04/2009 thru 5/10/2009

"How To Use The Closest Star To Earth Other Than Our Sun
And The Fabled Southern Cross"

Star Gazer : 5/11/2009 thru 5/17/2009

"The Moon Visits Three Bright Planets
In Pre-Dawn Skies Plus An Invisible Goodie"

Star Gazer : 5/18/2009 thru 5/24/2009

"How To Make This Memorial Day Weekend
A Star Studded Event!"

Star Gazer : 5/25/2009 thru 5/31/2009

"How To Find The Last Of The Planets Using
The King Of The Planets"

April 2009

Star Gazer : 4/06/2009 thru 4/12/2009

"See Planet #1 At Its Very Best For The Entire Year"

Star Gazer : 4/13/2009 thru 4/19/2009

"Moon Hop To Find Jupiter, Venus And Mars And An Occult Occurrence For Some Of You"

Star Gazer : 4/20/2009 thru 4/26/2009

"Mercury At Its Best For 2009 Joined By The Moon And The Seven Sisters
Plus Celebrate National Astronomy Day On Saturday May 2nd"

Star Gazer : 4/27/2009 thru 5/03/2009

"Use The Moon This Astronomy Day Weekend To Find
Springtime's Leo The Lion And Everyone's Favorite, Saturn"

March 2009

Star Gazer : 3/02/2009 thru 3/08/2009

"Saturn At Its Closest, Biggest And Brightest For 2009 And A Many-Names-Moon Pays It And Regulus A Visit"

Star Gazer : 3/09/2009 thru 3/15/2009

"Happy First Day Of Spring! And Happy New Year Ben & George!"

Star Gazer : 3/16/2009 thru 3/22/2009

"How To Find Planets #4 And #5 With Satellite #1
Plus Planet #2 Masquerades As Both The Evening And Morning Star"

Star Gazer : 3/23/2009 thru 3/29/2009

"How To Find The Two Brightest Stars, Which Are Visible Right Now!"

Star Gazer : 3/30/2009 thru 4/05/2009

"Our Annual 'Fun And Games With The BigDipper' Demo""

February 2009

Star Gazer : 2/02/2009 thru 2/08/2009

"The Goddess Of Love And The Valentine's Day Star
Await Your Viewing Valentine's Night"

Star Gazer : 2/09/2009 thru 2/15/2009

"Next Week's 'Triple Planet And Moon' Sky Show
For The Early Birds"

Star Gazer : 2/16/2009 thru 2/22/2009

"The Great Cosmic Light Called Hesperus,
Brother Of Lucifer, Reaches Greatest Brilliancy"

Star Gazer : 2/23/2009 thru 3/01/2009

"What Does That Old Saying 'In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb' Have To Do With The Cosmos?"

January 2009

Star Gazer : 1/05/2009 thru 1/11/2009

"See Three Cosmic Seasons At The Same Time!"

Star Gazer : 1/12/2009 thru 1/18/2009

"Saturn's Incredible Shrinking Rings:
See Them At Their Skinniest For 15 Years"

Star Gazer : 1/19/2009 thru 1/25/2009

"The Moon Plays Tag With Venus
And Orion's Two Brilliant Bow Wows!"

Star Gazer : 1/26/2009 thru 2/01/2009

"If Punxsutawney Phil Gets Up Before Sunrise On Groundhog Day
What Will He See?"

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