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Uncharted suns and planets past all counting, whirling, twirling down unnumbered years, nations by the trillion, faintly guessed at, come and gone and still more yet to be: Incomprehensible.

Far as man made eyes can reach and farther…….
perched and poised peer through the night
and seem to beg, plead, cry out in our stead peace.

If only for one Speck of Time
….Speck of Space
tonight HOPE.

Jack. Foley A. Horkheimer

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Learn Naked-eye Astronomy From Your Backyard

Want to begin sky watching? Get all the information and instructional guides you need to begin stargazing .

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Telescope are used to see further and clearer more than our eyes can see. Know which telescope is right for you to begin sky watching and more.

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Astrophotography (also known as "astronomical imaging"), is photography of astronomical objects, celestial events, and areas of the night sky. Learn how to take professional pictures of the solar system.

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Follow Jack stargazer detailed guides and tips to help you star gaze like a pro, view the night sky, see deep space objects and learn more about the solar system.

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View Planets, see deep space objects from your home

Using a telescope, you can look into the sky and see what's going on, take photos (astrophotography) and more.

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