Originally founded by Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer and home to the Star Hustler /Star Gazer Show

Jackstargazer.com, is an online platform for people who wishes to get into naked eye astronomy, star gaze and see things above the sky from the comfort of their home or anywhere else.

To help beginners as well as people with interest to learn more about the solar system and planets get started, our team of learned professionals and star gazers provides insights, sneak peeks, buying guides, detailed reviews, editorials and news about modern day astronomy, star gazing equipment’s such as telescopes and more to help them get started.

In the ever-forward moving world of astronomy, our team is pushing the limits to stay at the forefront, test and recommend products with detailed guides for our readers.

Meet the Founder

image of Jack Foley Horkheimer star gazer

Jack Foley A. Horkheimer

Jack Foley Horkheimer, Executive Director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium at the Miami Science Museum for over 35 years is an internationally recognized pioneer in popularizing naked-eye astronomy.

He revolutionized planetarium presentations and his “Child Of The Universe”, which his peers have dubbed a “classic” celebrated its 35th anniversary in April 2007. He is best known as the creator/writer/host of public television’s “Star Hustler/Star Gazer“, the 30 year long running weekly TV series on naked eye astronomy.

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Our Team

People involved in the running of this site.

The star gazer website is currently made up of five brilliant individuals who are actively involved in content production, graphics design and photography and website developers to keep things running smoothly.

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